The Back Story

For some time now I have wanted to do a personal project on US RT 50, but the fact is my personal and commercial life are blessedly very busy. Taking a trip and making a documentary of that scale is just a little out of reach right now. So I asked myself what’s the next best thing? Turns out for me the next best thing is right in my backyard and part of it only minutes from my house making access easy. Let’s scale down to this interesting little road US RT 11 here in Virginia that seemed way more doable, and I have a small body of work already in my archives to get me on the move.


So here we are and here we go. The basics: RT 11 runs north-south or south north, whichever you prefer, from just north of Winchester all the way and mostly intact to Bristol VA at the VA TN State line. It passes through 14 counties and about 37 small towns and Municipalities. {Learn details here}


So there will be plenty for me to see and get into and a lot to explore, photograph and write about.


At this point there will be no real rhyme or reason to the order of the post and the stories, They will just appear as I have time to create them.


My goal going forward will be to try and post one new series a month until I simply feel I have finished or I just get worn out. Stay tuned and feel free to share with me something you think I should check out.

Hulls Drive-In near Lexington Va, There really isn't much better than a drive-in double feature Saturday night

What this is NOT

First of what this isn’t. This web page / BLOG is not a news or media outlet. This is not a place I am intending to be a traditional news resource. So, in general, will not cover breaking news or media events. While I do adhere to a strict set of principles and guidelines and as a member of NPPA the National Press Photographers Assoc. I follow and adhere to their code of ethics in what I share here.


What this IS

Now, what this is. It is a documentary of my travels along RT 11 and the things I find interesting. There is no editor handing out assignments or stories here. Just a matter of what I find well interesting and want to learn more about. It is about the people places and events that simply peak my curiosity. In the long term, I want this to be a place people will find some of the small off the beaten path places along RT 11 to explore. Or if I am at all successful this will lead people to explore someplace they normally may not. Some I am sure will be your usual places to visit or eat and even the things you will see in the travel marketing info at visitor centers or on billboards along the highway. But if I am persistent and lucky I just may lead you off the beaten path to some places only the locals know of or that only a few are lucky enough to discover.



Enjoy and feel free to email me your thoughts and ideas or hey maybe you know a place I need to visit I am happy to hear it all. email me here

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